Marion Vieweg – Founder

I am a senior consultant on energy and climate strategies working in Berlin, Germany. I specialise in the analysis of energy and climate policy, mitigation options, climate finance and the link to sustainable development with 18 years of experience in fair trade, the private sector and climate policy.

I have worked as a consultant for Ecofys and Climate Analytics and as program officer at the UNFCCC secretariat, with extensive experience in designing, monitoring and evaluating mitigation measures and is one of the lead authors of the WRI GHG Protocol Policy and Action Standard.

Key qualifications

  • Sound knowledge on mitigation options in developed and developing countries at the technological level, related to enabling frameworks, and climate finance
  • In-depth experience in evaluation and quantification of energy and climate policy, institutional frameworks and barriers
  • Ability to link the climate change debate with the sustainable development agenda
  • In-depth experience in international climate negotiations
  • Excellent knowledge of MRV of developing countries under the UNFCCC, especially on the preparation of biennial update reports (BURs) and the international consultation and analysis (ICA) process


  • Excellent analytical skills spanning from policy to data analysis
  • Convincing presentation and communication of results
  • Results oriented development of deliverables
  • Fast learning and high flexibility
  • Track record of successfully managing projects with international teams
  • Ability to work under pressure and keep deadlines


I am working with a network of senior experts at SQ Consult. The network allows to address questions with a wide range of expertise. With 15+ years of experience, each network member is dedicated to deliver highest quality. Associated have worked for high-end, mostly public clients, including the European Commission, the World Bank, and other multilateral financial institutions.

I work as freelance consultant for energy and climate strategies in Berlin. Focus of my work is the analysis of energy and climate policy, mitigation options, and the link to sustainable development. A lot of my work in the past centred around the UNFCCC negotiations and assessing options to enhance the level of ambition globally.

My experiences include working at the UNFCCC secretariat, where I supported the process for international consultation and analysis (ICA) of biennial update reports of developing countries and was responsible for the implementation and further development of the CGE training programme for the teams of technical experts.

Especially with the Climate Action Tracker I have not only worked at this global level, but also looked at national policy implementation. How far are countries on track towards a low carbon society? This has been the main question underlying much of the analysis I was involved in over the last years. This means taking a close look at national institutions, policies and barriers, but also requires a detailed assessment of what is necessary for the transition to a low carbon society. Those two questions, combined with the need to ensure sustainable development for the poor and most vulnerable in this world continue to be the focus of my work.

I am an associate with SQ Consult, a strong international network of 28 associates that have committed themselves to delivering high quality, reliable, pragmatic and lasting solutions in sustainability

Recent work

CGE Training materials on mitigation assessment

CGE training materials are updated to reflect the latest science, particularly the findinigs from the sixth IPCC Assessment Report, and the transition to the Enhanced Transparency Framework under the Paris Agreement

Support to the Technical Analysis of BURs and Review of BRs

I assist the UNFCCC secretariat in coordinating the technical analysis of BURs and NC/BR submissions of developed country Parties.

Preparation of the project proposal for Energy Storage for Renewable Energy Integration in India

The programme aims to bring the energy transition closer to community level. I support the design of activities and proposal preparation.

Transport in new Nationally Determined Contributions and Long-Term Strategies​

The project analysed the role of transport in new and updated NDCs and LTS

Asia Council for Decarbonising Transport

The project provides technical support to the Asia Council for Decarbonising Transport in the context of the NDC Transport Initiative for Asia


Founded in 2014, Current Future provides services around climate change mitigation and linking this to sustainable development. Based in Berlin, services are delivered globally, including:

  • Research & analysis

  • Development of methodologies

  • Quality control

  • Conceptual design of projects, workshops and research activities

  • Workshop facilitation & coordination of working groups


Senior Associate

Since August 2014 I am a senior associate at SQ consult, a strong network of international senior experts that combine policy, legal, technical, economic and financial expertise. 

CO-Founder & Director

In August 2020 I, together with two colleagues, founded a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to accelerating the transition towards sustainable mobility in low- and middle income countries. Check out our website! 

My background

After studying economics in Hohenheim, Germany, and Guelph, Canada, I worked for Fairtrade Labelling Organisations International (FLO) in Bonn, developing harmonised Fairtade Standards and monitoring tools. Following this I worked as a consultant in strategy consulting and SAP implementation. I concentrated on project management and process design in various sectors in industry and trade.

During a master degree in energy management at Koblenz University I specialised in international climate policy, renewable energy technologies and energy efficiency. I then spent two years with Ecofys, where I was responsible for activities related to new mechanisms within the international climate regime and conducted a range of projects related to policy evaluation and design.

From 2010 to beginning 2014 I worked for Climate Analytics, supporting the international climate negotiations under the UNFCCC and working on various projects related to policy analysis, including leading the Climate Action Tracker team.

I have more than 15 years experience in project management in various sectors, working both nationally and internationally and more than 7 years experience in working as a policy analyst in the energy and climate field.

Selected work experience


April 2015 – December 2015


Programme Officer, ICA Support Unit

Support and implementation of the TTE training programme

Support to the first rounds of technical analysis under the ICA.

Climate Analytics
February 2011 – January 2014


Policy Advisor

Tracking emission commitments and actions of countries

Supporting negotiators from Least Developed Countries and Small Island Developing States.

June 2008 – November 2010


Consultant International Climate Strategy

International climate negotiations: sectoral approaches; Nationally appropriate mitigation actions (NAMAs) for developing countries

Climate policy evaluation: low carbon scenarios; policy comparison and evaluation; policy design


M.Sc. Energy Management

University of Koblenz / Landau – October 2006 – March 2009

  • Renewable energy technologies
  • International and national (German) climate- and energy policy
  • German energy law


Dipl. oec. Economics

Hohenheim University – October 1991 – February 1999

  • Macroeconomics
  • Agricultural Economics of the Tropics and Subtropics


Full publication list

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