Marion Vieweg & Serio Ugarte (2017)

Current Future and SQ Consult have developed a guidebook for proposals to the Green Climate Fund (GCF) for the GIZ Climate Finance Readiness Programme. The guidebook aims to improve understanding of the application requirements and procedures to ensure that transformative climate change adaptation and mitigation projects and programmes are adequately presented in high quality proposals submitted to the GCF. It targets organizations preparing project proposals to the GCF, with a focus on accredited entities, intermediaries and national designated authorities.

The guidebook provides key lessons to take into account in developing project proposals. These are based on the experiences of the authors and the assessments by the GCF’s independent technical advisory panel. The focus is to enhance the understanding of the GCF investment criteria and policies, how they link to the proposal template and to provide concrete support on how to fill in the template, explaining not only what should be covered under each section, but also highlighting how different elements are linked to provide the full picture of proposed measures.

The guidebook also includes frequently asked questions and the respective answers that go beyond those questions answered on the GCF website.