Consultative Group of Experts (2023) 

The CGE developed Training Materials for the Preparation of National Communications from non-Annex I Parties for mitigation assessment, which were last updated in 2014. This update reflects the latest science, particularly the findinigs from the sixth IPCC Assessment Report, and the transition in reporting to the Enhanced Transparency Framework under the Paris Agreement.

The material consists of five modules and an introduction. You can download each module by clicking on the module name:

Introduction: outlines the structure of the training
Module A: provides an overview of the latest climate science
Module B: gives examples of mitigation options for all sectors
Module C: explains the reporting requirements under the ETF and the changes for developing countries
Module D: describes the process for mitigation assessment and discusses different tools and methods
Module E: shows examples of how mitigation efforts can be reported under the ETF

The updated CGE training materials for ETF reporting can also be downloaded directly from the UNFCCC website here

The material was featured in a webinar series “Shining the spotlight on CGE training materials for reporting on climate change mitigation” by the CGE. Recordings can be found here