June 2019 – April 2020

In many developing countries, greenhouse gas emissions are on the rise due to increasing rates of motorisation and growing demand for transport. As a result, effective measures to mitigate climate change in this sector are becoming more and more important. Comprehensive and reliable databases are essential in order to identify effective strategies for reducing emissions. However, in most cases existing data is inadequate: detailed inventories and information on trends in transport demand are not yet available.

The advancing transport climate strategies (TraCS) project by GIZ cooperates with transport and environmental ministries in a number of developing countries. Together they estimate reduction potentials in the transport sector by developing scenarios and identify the most promising strategies and policies. The project provides assistance in designing these strategies and policies and in measuring emissions reductions.

I support the TraCS project in its second phase, designing peer exchange and learning workshops and defining key recommendations for transport policy makers.


Client: GIZ