Climate change is one of the biggest challenges for mankind

A lot of information exists on climate change on various websites. But often the information is specialising on individual aspects of climate change. Some is very technical or scientific, and hard to understand. This website aims to provide an easy-to-read overview what climate change is, what it does, and what we can do about it. Some of this is based on own work, most is bringing together information from a wide range of scientists and organisations, providing many useful links for further in-depth reading.

Global greenhouse gas emissions are on the rise

In 1992, the global community agreed that it is important to prevent dangerous climate change and created the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). Nevertheless, emissions are still increasing.

Challenges of Coal Transitions

March 2019
This paper examines the role of coal in three countries, which are or were in recent years among the top coal exporters: Indonesia, Colombia and Vietnam.


Why Act?

Climate change will transform our civilization in a fundamental way. Without quick and effective action, we will see increasingly severe consequences for humans and our societies. Extreme heat becomes more frequent, water resources and food production become less reliable, diseases move into new ranges, sea levels rise and infrastructure keeps being damaged from floods and storms. 

What To Do?

We need to stop emitting greenhouse gases as fast as possible to limit global warming to an extent that keeps impacts manageable. In 2015, all countries agreed in the Paris Agreement that we need to achieve net zero emissions in the second half of the century. However, we are still continuing to increase global emissions. The good news is – there is a lot we can do and we have the technologies we need to do it.

But we must do it, and fast!

Measuring Success

Whatever action we implement – we want to know if we achieved what we set out to do. So, keeping a tab on CO2 concentrations could be enough to see if we are successful. However, if you can’t measure it – you can’t manage it: We may need to take a closer look at individual measures on the way. Measuring success is not only about achieving your objectives, it is also a tool to fine-tune actions so they can be as effective as possible and adapt to changing circumstances.


Of publishing scientists agree that:

  • Earth’s climate has warmed significantly since the late 1800s.
  • Human activities (primarily greenhouse gas emissions) are the primary cause.
  • Continuing emissions will increase the likelihood and severity of global effects.

J. L. Powell (2017)


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