Support to the Technical Analysis of BURs and Review of BRs. The ICA and IAR processes are components of the measurement, reporting and verification system (MRV) arrangements under the Convention. Within this project I support the UNFCCC secretariat in the coordination of the technical analysis of three BURs and the technical review of three BRs.



Review and update of Viet Nam’s Nationally Determined Contribution. I will provide recommendations for consolidation of assumptions and methodologies of the five sectoral reports on energy, agriculture, Land Use, Land Use Change and Forestry (LULUCF), Industrial Processes (IP) and waste; recommendations for enhancing the accuracy and consistency of Viet Nam’s national BAU and mitigation scenario based on sectoral BAUs and mitigation scenarios entailed in the five sectoral reports; and provide overall recommendations for enhancing the technical report of the NDC in particular the mitigation component. 

Development of a guidebook on verification and accreditation for carbon pricing instrumentsTo assist countries in their readiness activities the PMR develops guidance on the development of verification systems including guidance on developing the verification standards to be applied and any accreditation system. The objective of the Guide is to provide an overview and practical guidance for policy-makers and practitioners about how verification and accreditation systems should be developed and implemented.


Evaluation of the UK Climate Investment PilotThe work combines impact and process evaluation approaches and will provide options for continuous improvement for the pilot in addition to identifying impacts and lessons for future UK International Climate Fund programmes. The evaluation will assess the delivery of the overall Pilot, as well as utilising a case study investigation of the pilot projects together with research and analysis of the investment climate in the priority countries. learning. The evaluation will also inform the evidence base to assess whether DECC should scale up the UKCI, and the GIB’s longer term role for investing UK climate finance internationally.