Niklas Höhne, Marion Vieweg, Kornelis Blok, Daniel Becker (2010)

During 2010, Ecofys executed the first version of the Climate Policy Tracker for the European Union in collaboration with WWF. The aim of this European Climate Foundation sponsored project is to rate EU member states’ climate policies against the objective of total decarbonisation by 2050 and is the first of its kind overview. It’s unique aspects are that the analysis is 

  • Comprehensive: The analysis includes all policy areas that both positively and negatively influence greenhouse gas emissions. 
  • Comparative: All countries are rated by the same methodology, so that their performances in renewable, efficiency and overall climate policy are comparable. 
  • Ambitious: Policies are rated against the clear goal of a low carbon economy in 2050. This includes policies that initiate long term transformations, such as the development of new technologies, and do not focus only on the least costly options for emission reduction to reach 2020 targets. 

In 2010, we rated all 27 member states on an A to G scale.