Daniel Bongardt (GIZ), Jürg Füssler (INFRAS, lead author), John German (ICCT), Sudhir Gotha, Jürg Grütter (Grütter Consult), Martin Herren (INFRAS), Chuck Kooshian (CCAP), Hilda Martinez (WRI / CTS-Embarq Mexico), Victoria Novikova (UNFCCC), Martin Schmied (Umweltbundesamt), Sudhir Sharma (RISOE, lead author), Marion Vieweg (Current Future) (2016)

How to assess the impact of a transport based mitigation efforts? Where to find good measurement, reporting and verification (MRV) practices and what requirements must be met in terms of data collection? The newly published Reference Document on MRV in the transport sector gives advice on good MRV practices and on how to develop comprehensive and consistent national systems for MRV of transport related emissions.  Therefore, it addresses especially policy makers in developing countries and developers of National Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMAs) in transport systems. It further explains approaches and key parameters for transport sector related MRV. In the light of COP21 and the highly relevant national determined contributions (former INDCs) this publication may foster successful implementation and inform on major challenges and opportunities in mitigating emissions in the transport sector.