December 2011 - November 2013

The integration of emerging economies into the climate regime is one of the largest challenges in climate diplomacy. In this context the project aimed to provide analysis that supports the realistic evaluation of the pledges from the most important emerging economies (Brazil, China, India, Mexico, South Africa and South Korea). The pledges were put into the context of the feasibility of such reductions based on identified potentials and in the global context of the agreed objective to limit temperature increase to 2degC. In addition the project provided policy analysis on the status of low carbon development strategies and nationally appropriate mitigation actions (NAMAs), institutional setup and existing barriers to mitigation action for the German Environmental Protection Agency.

The project resulted in two publications:

Emerging economies - potentials, pledges and fair shares: assessing the mitigation potential in the countries and comparing this to required reductions based on different effort sharing approaches

Emerging economies - from potentials to actions: assessing the status of implementation of mitigation measures, institutional setup and barriers for implementation


ClientUmweltbundesamt (German Environment Agency)

PartnersWuppertal InstituteNewClimate Institute