I support partners in combining knowledge on available mitigation options at the technological and political level with development needs and economic realities. Activities include the design of individual mitigation actions, analysis of barriers to effective implementation and the design of sector-wide scenarios in energy, transport and industry.

Mitigation is not only about technology solutions. The main question is how to set the right frameworks and incentives to motivate the broad adoption and deployment of climate friendly solutions. These often have many additional benefits for sustainable development, for example in improving air quality, creating employment or enhancing access to energy. Technology solutions and supporting frameworks need to be tailored to the specific situation. Changes to existing patterns are often perceived as a threat across all levels of society due to vested interests, established practices and habits and lack of information. I support an integrated approach, that enables stakeholders to take ownership for successful implementation of mitigation measures. 

See also our SQ concept describing this integrated approach: Making NAMAs work