I work as freelance consultant for energy and climate strategies in Berlin. Focus of my work is the analysis of energy and climate policy, mitigation options, and the link to sustainable development. A lot of my work in the past centred around the UNFCCC negotiations and assessing options to enhance the level of ambition globally.

My experiences include working at the UNFCCC secretariat, where I supported the process for international consultation and analysis (ICA) of biennial update reports of developing countries and was responsible for the implementation and further development of the CGE training programme for the teams of technical experts.

Especially with the Climate Action Tracker I have not only worked at this global level, but also looked at national policy implementation. How far are countries on track towards a low carbon society? This has been the main question underlying much of the analysis I was involved in over the last years. This means taking a close look at national institutions, policies and barriers, but also requires a detailed assessment of what is necessary for the transition to a low carbon society. Those two questions, combined with the need to ensure sustainable development for the poor and most vulnerable in this world continue to be the focus of my work.

I am an associate with SQ Consult, a strong international network of 28 associates that have committed themselves to delivering high quality, reliable, pragmatic and lasting solutions in sustainability.